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Massage for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Take time out for yourself with a treatment designed specifically to help you relax. A relaxation massage is a more gentle, smooth and flowing type of massage which works on mind and body to help you slow down and switch off.

Massage for Pain and Injury

Injury therapy is designed to treat specific problem areas and injuries.  This type of therapy may involve some theraputic discomfort but ultimately it should relieve muscle tension, alleviate pain and improve movement of joints.  This type of massage normally employs a wider variety of techniques such as myofascial release, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, mobilisations, neuromuscular techniques and deep tissue work.

COMBINATION:  Massage for Pain, Injury & Stress Relief

I tailor all my massages to suit my clients so you can choose to have a bit of each type of massage incorporated in to your time with me.

TREATMENTS are all designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of you, the client, so there's no one template that I stick to.  Your first visit for a massage will include a consultation.  Injury therapy will also include an assessment designed to find out the history and nature of the injury or problem. A personalised treatment will be deveolped from this information. To facilitate this, it is recommended that you book a one hour appointment for your first visit. Your privacy is regarded at all times.

Therafter, treatments can be one hour or half hour depending on your needs and what you prefer.






1 hr 30 min   £60

1 hour            £40

30 min          £25

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